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Ulft (NL)

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Titanic, Die Hard, Jungle Book, The Matrix, Forrest Gump, Pulp Fiction, Pretty Woman, Back to the Future, Fight Club, etc.: iconic films that have become deeply embedded in the collective memory of society, of a particular (cultural) space and time period.  
Mainstream is often used with a negative connotation, but in the most positive sense it creates a collective memory and thus becomes, even decades later, a strong link between the individuals of a society.

OBJECTS: Magnetic tape

The reduction to the data carrier magnetic tape, itself a relic from another time, creates a new visuality that assigns the film materiality its own aesthetic and raison d'être. In combination with the cinematic memories of the respective viewer and his physical reflection on the mirroring surface, a new visual experience is created.

The Jungelbook 1967
105 x 105 cm
Magnetic tape original film

Titanic 1997
105 x 105 cm
Magnetic tape original film 

The Exorcist 1973
105 x 105 cm
Magnetic tape original film 

OBJECTS: Filmtext

The text works on canvas visualise the entire spoken word of a film. From a distance, only linear structure. From close up, immersion in the dialogues and monologues of the protagonists. What is actually an auditory film experience becomes a visual one: the whole film at a glance.

Fight Club 1999
300 x 50 cm
Print on canvas

Love Actually 2003
300 x 50 cm
Print on canvas

OBJECTS: Filmstills

The series on velvet fabric shows iconic scenes from blockbuster films.
Scenes that everyone knows and that are symbolic of the whole film – whether you have seen it or not. Even in total blur, like a distant memory, the viewer can add the colour fields back to the film scene stored in his or her memory.

Pulp Fiction 00:46:27
100 x 100 cm
Print on velvet fabric

Forrest Gump 00:03:19
100 x 100 cm
Print on velvet fabric

Dirty Dancing 00:42:25
100 x 100 cm
Print on velvet fabric


Since 2005 artist and graphic designer with own studio in Düsseldorf.

As a state-certified designer for media & communication, I worked for several years in advertising as a graphic designer, creative supervisor and art director in Wuppertal, Munich and Cologne.
As I am particularly interested in the interfaces between graphics, design and art, I studied at the New Art School in Zurich and art history and media studies at the Heinrich-Heine University in Düsseldorf (doctorate in 2019).
The theoretical knowledge of art history, the practical experience of graphics, advertising and design – as well as all the resulting "overlaps" – have a significant influence on my artistic work.




Flower Power Festival
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Installation "timeflowers"
Size variable
Crochet doily (plastinated)

Mirror "timeflower"
30 x 30 cm
Mirror (artificially aged)

Photo series "timeflowers"
each 30 x 30 cm
Alu Dibond

Vogue Testino Special
Original magazine, Paraffin

Playboy Centerfolds 1980
Original magazine, Paraffin

Ovids Metamorphosen
Original Reclam booklet, Paraffin


Studio: Walzwerkstr. 14, 40599 Düsseldorf, Germany